Thursday, October 04, 2007


2001: New roof, insulation, windows, tile, cabinets, carpet (155E), furnace, grass, cement curbing, cement parking pad, and shed

2002: (we took this year off--very tired from last year :)

2003: water main, sprinklers,

2004: New furnace, A/C, and water heater for 153 E. Ducting now separated, and everything in compliance for Provo rental property standards.

2005: New plumbing and electrical throughout

2006: new carpet, paint, stackable washer/dryer unit for 153E


We are a little biased since we lived in the neighborhood, but here's our take on it:

The neighborhood is a "front porch" community. Many summer evenings are spent sitting on the porch looking at the many children playing. There's a good mix of young married couples, seasoned parents in their mid 30s to mid 40s, and older retired folk.

Some of the highlights of living in the duplex include easy access to the many festivals, events, and restaurants in downtown Provo. We were especially fond of the close proximity to the Cinco de Mayo chili cook off (every year the neighborhood projects Nacho Libre and The Three Amigos on the side of the Stilson's house while we chow down on yummy Mexican food), 4th of July parade (we have a coveted siting location on 1st South, a block party and watermelon bust), Winterfest, New Year's Eve, and First Night (a production of the Nativity in the Sorensen's yard behind us).

BYU couples have really enjoyed living in the duplex and have often commented that it is the coolest and cleanest place they've stayed.

Friday, July 21, 2006

The following post shows the apartment on the left (as you look at Kaya's House--153 East). We just installed carpet and painted this week. Both sides of this duplex have the look and feel of a nice house...Enjoy the pics!!!

Master bedroom closet (facing east)
Master Bedroom looking south (towards the front of the house)
Master bedroom facing NW. Laundry is next to this bedroom and between the kitchen.
First bedroom (down the hall and to the left). Window on left looks out to the back yard. Walking straight ahead, you enter the kitchen and beyond the kitchen you enter the bathroom.
1st bedrom looking West. Lots of light as usual.
Living room looking south. Three windows make for light room. New two tone paint and new carpet (both completed just this week).
This is the hallway going to the first bedroom. On the right of this hallway there are coat hangers and some cabinets.
The bathroom isn't fit for anyone taller than 6'3" would be too cramped. The reflection in the mirror shows the shower. The door is to the left.
Laundry room. To the right is the Master bedroom. To the left is the kitchen. This washer and dryer is 3 months old.

Here's the kitchen (looking east, from the hallway. The door straight ahead is to the bathroom)
The coolest breakfast bar ever! Small but efficient.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Living Room #2

Here's another picture of our living room as we had it. It is a large room (we had my office desk, couch, and everything else in it and we still had plenty of room for guests).

Back yard #3

This view of the backyard shows the entrance to the basement (we call it the "dungeon" because it shows the original foundation). There is plenty of storage room. The furnaces and water heaters are also in the basement.

Backyard #2

This view is from the side of the house. The garden (which doesn't have anything planted in it this year) is in the back, and our strawberry patch is in the foreground. We also planted a grape vine along our vence that produces yummy grapes!

Backyard #1

This view of the backyard is looking from the laundry door. There is a garden spot in the upper left part of the picture. We've planted corn, squash, zuccini, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.

The garden has automatic sprinkler system that makes it easy to keep your plants healthy. The grape vines coming through the fence produce really yummy grapes!

This is a picture from the entry door looking into the living room. There's a large coat closet (shown left) and notice the old vents.

Bathroom and Spice Cabinet

Originally the spice cabinet was a pull-down ironing board. We converted it to a spice cabinet with lots of of the neatest features of the house.

Bathroom #2

Here's the bathroom showing the cabinet

Bathroom #1

The bathroom entry is just off the kitchen. There will be a couple more pictures to show the set up...

Laundry Room

The laundry room has plenty of room for a side by side washer and dryer. There is also plenty of cabinets just around the corner (you can't see them from this angle). The window shows the garden area outside.

Kitchen #3

This is the north side of the kitchen. The cabinets provide a lot of storage space and the dishwasher is great!

Kitchen #2

Here's the microwave stand...


The stove is gas. Just to the right of the stove (not shown in this picture) is a microwave stand with a microwave.

Master Bedroom

This room fits a good Queen bedroom set. The closet in this room is just beyond our chest of drawers (shown on the right).

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bedroom #2

This was our daughter's bedroom (Kaya's). The closet is behind the door.

Living Room 1

Although this apartment comes unfurnished, this gives you an idea about how we furnished it when we were here. This view is facing south-east (towards the front of the house).

Kaya's House Officially for Sale

The front porch is a favorite spot during the summer...many summer evenings are spent outside watching the kids play and, of course, eating ice cream.